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The Nebraska City Fire Rescue – EMS Division 

October 2008

NCFR was established when the City operated Fire Department formed 2 committees  (Fire Committee: Alan Viox, Dennis Marshall, John Shrader, (Rescue Committee: Jeanene Pummel, Gregg Goebel, Rodney Turpel) from the Fire Department and Rescue Squad to research, design and implement a facilitated merger with the City / Fire Department After the merger EMS Chief Rodney Turpel was hired to work under Fire Chief Alan Viox, Soon after paramedics were hired to help serve the City of Nebraska City, and it’s Rural Districts. The division is a combination of both Paid and Volunteer Paramedics, EMTs and Emergency Medical Responders (EMR). 9-1-1 Calls when emergent are supplemented by our Fire Driver/Engineers which all have EMS training. Ambulances staffed by Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMTs) and Emergency Medical Responders. 

Since the merger Fire and EMS have worked hand in hand to respond to emergencies quickly  with the highest level of care available. Along with serving the community, the EMS division also responds to St. Mary’s and assists Syracuse Rescue with  Syracuse Community Hospital’s transfer patients to Omaha and Lincoln, for further care. Between 911 and Transfers,  NCFR-EMS responds to about 1200 calls a year.


The EMS Division has 3 ambulances’, utilizes 2 ALS Engines. The newest  ambulance was purchased in 2015. The 3 ambulances are 2015, 2012 and 2009.


Currently the Division has 30 members and 20 cross-trained FF/EMS Members. 


All members of the EMS Division are Part Time Paid except for the 4 Full Time Paramedics.


Nebraska City Fire Rescue services approx. 160 square miles including the City of Nebraska City and the town of Dunbar. We also provide EMS intercept service to the Town of Talmage and it's response area and Union and Nehawka Nebraska. Currently we run 1200 EMS calls per year.


April 1967 - January 1970


In 1966 the county supported both Nebraska City and Syracuse to step in and run ambulance services after the mortuaries decided not to perform such services.Donations of $13,000.00 were raised and two international ambulances were purchased for both communities. On April 4, 1967 the Nebraska City squad ran it's first call. Fees at that time for transport were $ 25.00. The squad in it's first year ran 58 calls.

Founding members of the Nebraska City Chapter were: (Charter members)


Frank Bataillon         Leroy Fletchall     William R. Morrow 

Ivan Beaumont         Paul S. Greg          James Olson 

Don Chapin, Sr.           Ralph Hall           Herman Royer

Ronald Crow                Jack Johns           Tiny Schmitz

Austin Cutler              Arthur Lima          Donald Sherrill

Edman DeLay             Paul Lima              Robert Smith

Warren Eltiste            Charles Maybe      Fred Wademan


The first Rescue Chief was Austin Cutler, the first membership numbered 36 people.

The original Medical Directors

Dr. Bonebrake            Dr. Kenner

Dr. Burbridge             Dr. Madison

Dr. Fenstermacher    Dr. Weeks

Dr. Gilligan                  Dr. Weldon


In 1970 both Nebraska City and Syracuse decided to separate and incorporated into Nebraska City Rescue Squad and Syracuse Rescue Squad.


January  1970 - October 2008


 In June of 1971 Talmage Rescue Squad was trained.


 In 1972 both Nebraska City Fire Department and Nebraska City Rescue Squad solicited help from the public to float a bond to build the new Fire-Rescue complex. The building still is in use today with the a joining City Hall annex.


In 1983 a new ambulance was purchased for $ 35,000.00


Former Chiefs of Nebraska City Rescue Squad

Charles Maybee

LeRoy Fletchall

Harold Rowe

Don Chapin Sr

John Lant

Jerome Keran

Jim Byrant

Darrell Allgood

Roger Lant

Jack Stanley 

Kim Kohout 

Connie Driever

Susie McGowan

Chris Bando

Jeanene Pummel

Gregg Goebel



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