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Nebraska City Fire Rescue Pre-Fire Planing 

What are pre-fire plans?

Pre-fire planning is a joint venture between emergency services personnel and the occupants/owners of the property. Pre-fire planning can provide valuable information that can improve the ability of firefighters to respond effectively to a fire or other emergency. Pre-fire planning can make the difference between minimal and major damage. We know that in an emergency, every second counts, and everything from training to knowing the best route to the scene of a fire can save precious seconds, which can mean saving lives, and property. The plan addresses vital fire protection concerns, such as building layout, access, contents, construction details, types, and locations of built-in fire protection devices. It includes all data which can have an impact on decisions or actions taken during an emergency. Pre-fire plans also will be vital in the safety/rescue of a firefighter should he/she have an emergency during the incident.

How can I request a pre-fire plan? Or have the department tour our facility?

Pre-fire plans/ Tours are intended for industrial, large commercial, or high occupancy/hazard buildings.  If you would like Nebraska City Fire Rescue to consider completing a Pre-fire tour at your property, or you have made changes to your property since our last visit, which may impact emergency response, please contact

How much will the pre-fire plan visit cost the building owner?

No charge nor any fees are incurred for the pre-plan visit/tour.

Will I receive a copy of the plan?

A copy of the Pre-fire Plan will not be distributed to the public or to the business. The information is considered proprietary information for the Nebraska City Fire Department.

What does the pre-fire plan include?

The information included is based on each occupancy and its unique hazards. They include the following (and perhaps more as needed to help command officers understand the facility/site):

  • Company name, address, and driving directions

  • Occupancy Classifications (such as property use, i.e. residential, commercial, etc.)

  • Access Code for gates/doors, Knox Box location (click for more information on our Knox Box program)

  • Aerial photos of the site

  • Number of stories, building length and width,

  • site plan

  • floor plans

  • Building construction and materials

  • Hazardous materials present and location

  • Water supply information

  • Defensible space around the building, including turn-around capability

  • Location of both fire alarm systems and fire protection systems (sprinklers, etc.)

What information will NCFR need from the building owner?

The basic information in the following PDF will be needed depending on the occupancy and hazards. Providing much of the information before the site visit will help prepare for our visit and will save time during the visit. The information can be sent electronically or picked up before and/or during the visit.

Download the pre-visit checklist by clicking here.

To fill out our preplan worksheet click here 

To email your facility information, site map, or floor plan click here

Will the pre-fire plan site visit include photos?

The Nebraska City Fire Department will take photos both inside and outside of the building. The purpose of the photos is to document the facility to familiarize our firefighters with the site. Not all photos taken will be used in the Pre-fire Plan. Site management should advise of sensitive areas that should not be included in the pre-fire planning document.

Where is the pre-fire planning information stored?


Fire department apparatus and command have a tablet computer. The Pre-fire Plan data is accessible via responding software. In addition, the Otoe County 911 Dispatch Center

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Contact Nebraska City Fire Rescue for any questions regarding the Pre-fire Planning process.

Finished pre-fire plan document examples

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